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Full Version: Can you make custom Keymaps that goes with your skin?
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(2017-05-11, 14:00)cizzz Wrote: [ -> ]E.g. "Super Favourites" is adding a separate keymap xml file for adding a quick launch "G" key.
Nobody likes a snitch. Wink
Haha, so why are you repeating it as a quote?
(2017-05-11, 14:09)cizzz Wrote: [ -> ]Haha, so why are you repeating it as a quote?
Because my post happened to start a new page and it looked stupid without it. Because the post was only semi-serious. And because I doubt spoyser will lose sleep over it. I deliberately didn't name addons that break this 'rule' (if it is, I can't find reference to it) myself though, because I don't see what it achieves.
I cam see what the rule is for (not changing any other files in an addon) but I think exceptions could be made. Skins are all about the user-facing look and feel of Kodi, and key mappings are surely part and parcel of that.

It should be possible for a skin to have its own key mappings, without going outside the skin directory. (request for skin engine anyone?)
The issue would be that you're changing keymaps for all skins - and if the skin is uninstalled the keymap remains. But as far as I can see there's only a rule for addons in the official repo. That rule you quoted earlier is for addons in the repo.
I'm sure it's frowned upon - but that's a different thing.
Skins are addons, so the rule applies to them afaics.
But having skin-specific keymaps would solve all these problems neatly.
(2017-05-12, 00:31)aegidius Wrote: [ -> ]Skins are addons, so the rule applies to them afaics.
But having skin-specific keymaps would solve all these problems neatly.
Maybe I'm not making myself clear...

Skins are addons. Yes.
The rule you quoted is for addons in the official repo.
If you want an addon to be in the official repo the rule you quoted about keymaps applies.
If you don't want / need it to be in the official repo the rule doesn't apply.
nick seems to think there's a general rule. I think he's mistaken. Maybe he'll clarify.
If there is such a rule it's well hidden.

edit: and 'skin-specific keymaps' definitely belongs in feature requests - assuming you mean a keymap that's activated / deactivated with a skin.
Yes that is a rule about the kodi Repo. It is also good practice.
Tbh the only addon that's ever given me any pain with keymaps is keymap editor. From... the official repo.
Opened it (didn't make any changes, literally clicked on the addon) and it disabled my custom keymaps.
Edit: just checked and it still does the same thing. How useful is that?
It backs it up.

Also you can do what you want with your skin but it wont get accepted into the official repo if it messes with keymaps.
(2017-05-12, 09:31)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]It backs it up.
Are you talking about keymap editor here?
Because if you are you should take a look at what it actually does.
On installing and clicking on it you see 3 options:
Reset to Default
And by that point you've already lost any custom keymaps you had.
No warning, no 'yes / no', no message to say it's been done.
That's like clicking my remote because I want to put something in the boot and the car starts up, jumps into gear and sets off down the road.
Yes, they're backed up (disabled rather than deleted). No, that's not a big deal for me (once I reallise what it's done!), because I'm happy jumping into userdata / editing .xml's - but for people the addon's presumably aimed at that's not necessarily the case. Presumably most people who use it don't already have custom maps, so it doesn't affect too many.

There's no world in which that is sensible behaviour.
There would have to be a collision option, where keys being changed that are already defined, are displayed with current and what it will change to and an enforced decision by user to choose which to keep.
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