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Full Version: nVidia Full RGB Output
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It seems like I have to constantly set my video card to output Full RGB seemingly every time I start up my computer. When the I start up Kodi, the videos are washed out, then when I open nVidia control panel, it still says Full RGB, but if I switch it to limited RGB then back to Full RGB, then it fixes it. I've already tried the toggler download that changes the registry for Full RGB, but that doesn't seem to be a permanent solution for me. Any suggestions?
Undo any registry hacks. Set your display, Kodi, and nVidia to RGB full. Start a video in Kodi and while it's playing minimize Kodi by pressing \ on your keyboard. Set RGB full in nVidia control panel and save.
Didn't work... after a few days, the pictures became washed out again and had to repeat the whole process again to get it back to the limited-full-limited (kodi-gpu-tv) configuration. Any suggestions?