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Full Version: Is it possible to play dvds from a samba wireless optical disc drive on kodi?
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I Own a Samsung optical smart hub. I am wondering if its possible to play dvds that are in the smart hub on kodi?
I have managed to locate the drive but the optical disc folder is empty
Any help would be much appreciated
Of course you can play files using samba, if you can see/locate the files to play. In your case not seeing the files is the show stopper, suspect might be due to the format, or protection system.
That I am aware of, not with the optical drive.

SAMBA shares are NETWORK Shares, aka Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, Server/PC share drives, other Media Players like a WD LIVE TV, an Nvidia Shield TV Pro with 500GIG HD, and their respective folders on other devices connected to the network.

Optical Drives however do not work in the same way as a hard drive. The optical drive is driven through the device it is installed on. Usually the media on it cannot be shared over the network. This is NOT like having a dvd drive in a PC that you could access the data remotely or through a file share. That optical drive is controlled through the Samsung Unit and playback in the way you want it is most likely not an option.

TO TEST THIS THEORY I'd insert the DVD into your PC, and try mapping the PC DVD Drive via a SAMBA Share. It should technically work. It may not though.

Ideally for movies and media you OWN aka have a physical DVD, I'd rip the DVD to a hard drive and connect the hard drive to a PC or your media device directly and stream that way. It is the most effective way and the way I do it, and yes I use Samba Shares and it works flawless with KODI on my Nvidis Shield TV's. KEEP IN MIND, I am running a full gigabit network in my house and all devices are connected via hardwire and NOT WiFi.

WiFi, even 5g sucks on HD 1080P and 4K playback. There is def studder at times during buffering VS hardwired where I rarely see an issue streaming over the network.