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Full Version: High CPU and disc usage
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I've been seeing a number of questions on CPU usage on reddit and now I'm really starting to get concerned myself. Kodi is using between 60-104% of the CPU and something is happening to the storage in my home drive. It's shrinking by about a G a second and I can't track down what's eating it. It's somewhere after the home directory. Restarting gives back much of the space but while Kodi is running it just slowly ticks down.

A few days ago I had it fill up the drive and I had some problems. Couldn't ssh onto the computer lost a bunch (but not all for some reason) of the settings in Kodi. This has me a bit worried. gnome-discs says the drive is OK. What is going on?
Okay. Found something promising. Trying the suggestion here
Well, crap. There were unmet dependencies. I let it fix those and now I'm looking at a complete install. It's all messed up. Can't get even get on the internet with it.
that thread above has nothing to do with high CPU usage. You should have posted a Debug Log instead
I was definitely affected by the xsessions.errors writes. I'm not sure if writing constantly to the file caused the high CPU usage, but it has calmed down since I got the system up and running again. Installed Mate 17.04. Everything is working well excpet I can't build my TBS DVB drivers (think the kernel is too new). So on to the next issue. In any case, moving to Ubuntu 17.04 fixed whatever caused the xsession errors.