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Full Version: Change background of MusicVisualisation
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I'm doing my first steps in Skinning, made a copy of the skin Estuary and now I'm trying to change a few things, just for practice. Some changes worked well (replacing and resizing cover images and fonts) but it didn't found out how I can change the background image of the MusicVisualisation with an image stored in a new directory. I tried it with


but that didn't work. I couldn't find any information here if the use of special:// is also correct in Kodi 17 - maybe it isn't. I'm working with a Linux Mint OS.

If anyone could help me please..?

the special://skin/ path is only really needed for images outside of the media folder.

assuming you want to display this image: skin.estuary/media/images/NewBackground.jpg
you could simply use this:
Thanks for that pretty quick reply.

That's what I tried first but as the background didn't change I search this forum for a solution - and found the "special" thing.

I didn't change anything except the <texture> line in the original XML. So the part for the background is

<control type="image">
            <animation effect="fade" start="0" end="100" time="400">WindowOpen</animation>
            <animation effect="fade" start="100" end="0" time="300">WindowClose</animation>

Is there possibly another part in the original XML that prevents the background from showing?
what happened after you changed that line?
does it still show the original image or do you have a black background instead now?

since you're using linux, keep case-sensitivity of file/foldernames in mind.
I see the original blue background. The case-sensitivity was the first I checked ;-) .
i think you modified the image control that normally displays the fanart image?

estuary will display the default blue background on top of it (slightly transparent, depending on if a fanart image is available).

guess you need to remove these lines:
That's it! Thank you very much!