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Full Version: Variable Frame-Rate Video Issue
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Videos with a variable frame-rate are not working correctly on Kodi 17.0 and 17.1 RC1 on Windows. Source of video is European TV recordings in AVC format, and the frame rate varies between 25 and 50 FPS. Thumbnails of these videos are not displayed and playback does not start at the beginning of the files. The worst one I have jumps over a minute into the video before starting to play.
I can confirm that your video plays well with my set-up using stand alone players VLC and MPC-HCx64, Gotham 13.2, Isengard 15.2 and Jarvis 16.1 but not Krypton 17 or 17.1RC
Thanks for confirming that. I tried turning off hardware acceleration DXVA2 in 17.0, but the video would not play at all until I turned hardware back on. I tried to submit a bug report but my forum login does not work for that.
this makes the linked video play 11802 (PR)
Thanks! Found a link to the test builds and will see if 0303 works.
OK tried the 0303 build and it does work better in that you can hear the audio right away, but the video freezes for several seconds before starting to play.
Yes, that's because it takes the fallback path if the stream has no key frame. Kodi's video decoders are also used to extract thumbnails. You don't want a pixelated thumbnail shown in you library, do you? That is the reason kodi makes sure that the first frame it gets out of decoder is not corrupted. When dealing with so many requirements that is always one party thats feels unconsidered.
Thanks, it might be possible that this video was cut in the middle of a GOP and not on a keyframe, but I have many similar videos that don't play correctly on the test build. I personally cut most of them on keyframes using AviDemux. They all play perfect on Kodi 16.1, but not on 17 or the latest test build with your change. Videos with constant framerate play fine, but videos from european sources and variable framerates do not.
The problem with the video that you posted is that is does not have any keyframes. A keyframe is either an IDR frame or a recovery point coded in SEI message. Maybe AviDemux eats those messages.
Since that video may be a bad example, here is another sample that I am confident was cut on a keyframe - https://mega.nz/#!ygtlia4S!FbNynWFkVxlcM...WP2LRYNp0M

This one plays fine on 16.1 but the 0303 test build starts 10 seconds into the video, not at the beginning.
As I already mentioned above: v16 did not check for keyframes and as a result thumbnails were pixelated.
No keyframes in your sample:

./ffprobe -select_streams v:0 -show_frames TestKeyframe.ts | grep 'key_frame=1'
Bizarre. Even so, videos missing 10 seconds from the beginning are a whole lot more important than what the thumbnail looks like.
but video corruption done by users lower the prio

I try to be more verbose. There were users who inversted their spare time during alpha and beta phases. They brought up the issue with the pixelated thumbnails. Now you come along and say that your self-cut video issue is more important. Feels not correct, does it?

Please point us to a source of unmanipulated videos that show the issue.
I found more videos that have the problem. Not just UK/Euro TV recordings but my own recordings from Comcast cable which are in AVC/H.264, recorded with the popular HD Homerun tuner. The best free editor I have found for such Transport Streams is H264TS_Cutter https://www.videohelp.com/software/H264TS-Cutter which I use at the default setting to cut on IDR frames. Kodi will not play the first 10 seconds of any video cut from a TV recording in this way. The video has not been "manipulated" in any way, simply cut from a TV broadcast.

Same problem when I cut an AVC encoded MKV video using well-known and popular editor AviDemux https://www.videohelp.com/software/AviDemux. I only cut in AviDemux after clicking the button which advances to the next I-frame. I am not cutting in the middle of a GOP.

What a shame it would be if Kodi becomes useless to anyone who edits their own videos with popular freeware tools.

Comcast sample - https://mega.nz/#!yoVggTBB!0t2l5CTjoqCJV...4UCDUEsCnU
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