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Full Version: Unable to remap "BACK" button from USB keyboard remote
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I recently installed OpenElec 8.0 with Kodi 17. I have a USB keyboard remote from Lynec - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U78EKM4 - which has a "Back" button on one side. When I press this button, instead of going back, it seems to be opening the context menus instead?

I tried using the keymap editor to remap this button to the Navigation command for "back", but it never seems to pick up this button that I'm pressing. Instead, it just closes the keymap editor and leaves the keymap setting the same as it was before. Can anyone help with this? Is it possible to remap this "back" button to ESC or BACKSPACE, which Kodi would then treat as normal?

Please help, thanks!
I connected the USB keyboard to a full ubuntu installation, and determined that this "back" button is emulating a mouse right click when pressed.

The solution posted over here - 2352801 (post) solved the problem.

I added the following lines to my keymap and it works well now.

<!-- Button Ids: -->
<!-- 0: left -->
<!-- 1: right -->
<!-- 2: middle -->
<!-- 3/4/5/6: extra -->

<longclick id="1">contextmenu</longclick>

Hopefully this will help someone else in the future that runs into the same issue!