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Full Version: Music Playback - Next Track Feature Gone In Estuary
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I went through successive Krypton betas installing over a test Jarvis installation on Windows 10 and at some point noticed that the 'next track playing' feature in Confluence whilst playing a playlist had been replaced with three tracks instead, which I really liked.

At some point this completely vanished. Switching back to confluence brings back the single 'next track' feature.

Not sure if I accidentally turned this off but can't find setting if I did.

I also have the Google Music add on installed. Not sure if this is relevant.

Thanks for any help you can give
I agree with you, I also liked the feature ”Next three tracks” that was implemented in the Betas. Sadly it was removed again. I raised the issue in the future requests thread, but it has been left without comment by the developers.
Showing next track or tracks is a skin feature - Confluence shows a single track, Estuary shows none, not sure about the many other skins. Thus it is probably best raised in the skins forum as a feature request.
I've got the next 4 tracks currently in my local mod of Estuary at the moment but still playing about with it has been wondering if Previous track might be useful also. Once settled on a format I planned on sending a PR to the skin maintainers as the music skin options don't seem top of their list of things to take care of.

Can share the skin files here if anyone is interested.
Yeh I'd like to see that, and a PR raised as this was a nice feature
I'm still playing about, here is an extreme version of it Big Grin