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Full Version: Configure keys on remote control via cec
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I have the latest osmc on a vero2 and a samsung J6289 TV - works great Smile

Only the remote controll could be a bit fine tuned. For example, I would like to use the "Guide"-Key to display kodis EPG. Currently, I only get a "Not available" message from the TV (not from Kodi). Similar: I would like to use the Program Up/Down keys of the remote control to switch the channels of the Kodi PVR (vdr-vnsi). Unfortunately, when I press one of these buttons, the TV thinks I want to use its own tuner and disconnects from HDMI1 only to tell me that no Channels are configured :/

I tried to edit the remote control with the Keymap Editor Addon, but as the keys in question are already interpreted by the TV, it is of no use.

Is it possible at all to configure this?

Thanks for your help,
Normally if the keys are acted on by the TV then they won't be passed on to CEC.

If you enable debug logging then key presses received are logged in your debug log (wiki). That's the easiest way to tell if the presses are passed on or not. If not then nothing much you can do.