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Full Version: Updating KODI on OpenElec
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I have an HP Chromebox with OpenElec installed and KODI 15. I want to upgrade to KODI 17 but can't figure out how it's done. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
You have to upgrade OE, as Kodi is basically "bound" to the OS. OE 7 will take you to Jarvis (v16), or you can jump to LibreELEC and get Krypton (17).
OpenELEC is dead, all but one developer left for the fork of freedom LibreELEC

Suggestion upgrade to LibreELEC 7.0.3 - Kodi Jarvis v16 first - it should be a straight upgrade from OpenELEC. Just drop the LibreELEC .tar file in the Update folder and reboot:



Then repeat the process for LibreELEC 8.0.0 Kodi Krypton.

2 Updating LibreELEC using the Samba shares

Same instructions work for updating OpenELEC.
Moved to Linux as this has nothing to do with Android.
Thanks wrxtasy