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Full Version: Crash with 30bit depth
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Hi folks,
I just bought a Geforce1050Ti and fitted to my kodi box.
All works well with the normal 24bit depth in X, but if I switch to 30bits then X seems fine but when KODI starts it just outputs the following two lines and crashes:

10:31:43.833 T:140348934506816 NOTICE: Checking resolution 16
10:31:43.931 T:140348934506816 ERROR: Failed to find matching visual

Where should I start looking? Should I try other skins, other window managers or is this just not supported yet?

Running: 17.1-RC1 Git:20170223-nogitfound
We only open 8 bit visuals - so for kodi usage it's quite useless anyways.

Start in 30 bit, please and post the output of glxinfo | pastebinit please
Try to hack in 10 bit visuals here: windowing/X11/WinSystemX11GLContext.cpp and see if it helps. From the glxinfo I don't see why it won't open. But you cut your logfile therefore I don't know what additional has happened. - I see it: There are no 8 bit visuals available for GLX. That's not funny. Most likely all other GL applications that hardcode 8 bit visuals won't work anymore.