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Full Version: Unsolvable 23.976fps issue
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(2017-03-09, 10:10)wsnipex Wrote: [ -> ]just turn off refresh rate switching and it should work, although with the occasional micro stutter.

I actually believe that this option does nothing here. I compared it w/o it and the stutter seems pretty much the very same. damn Undecided
as of the 24p capability I don't know, I guess the only way to find out is to plug it in directly without steam overlay.

but one thing beats me: my IPTV provider has a box here, connected via HDMI as well, the TV shows 60p, and the films there do not stutter at all. So that processing from 23/24fps to something like 60 is obviously possible, since it is done by the IPTV provider. I can not see any stutter with any films/channels, no matter what resolution is provided (however, any resolution is scaled to 1080p there before it leaves the IPTV box).

Providing a similar technique like the TV provider does, would probably solve this issue here. My guess is that this refresh rate adjustment should do just that job, but I don't get it why it fails silently.
If you turn on, say HBO or whatever on your TV, I bet you do not see any stutter just as I do not see it - I also bet that this material is 23.976fps too and that they surely have no 60fps raw material for every movie or whatever broadcast.
Kodi can play 24p videos on 60Hz displays. If this wasn't possible, nobody with a PC monitor or older TV could use kodi.
Playing 23,967 smoothly requires display that accepts a multiple of it. If you do the math for the typical 2:3 pullup:
23,967 * 2,5 = 59,9175. Almost all TVs support this refresh rate, but given that SteamOS fixes your TV to 60HZ, you will still see the occasional stutter.
If it really stutters all the time, then something else is wrong, probably steam overlay interfering somehow.

You really should try with ubuntu or LE from an usb stick, just to make sure your hardware works fine there.
uhm, given 59,9175 fps as not being 60, this explains why it would not work here as well due to steam overlay, but it does not answer to the question how IPTV shows smooth movies with 60p. so there must be a successful conversion to 60p somewhere.

you mentioned that this should work with the `Sync playback to display` option enabled, where it does not for my case for whatever reasons. is information for that failure here somehow mentioned in the logs perhaps? My guess is that kodi would display each frame just a fraction longer, so that it adds up to 24fps, or say *2.5, so that each frame is being displayed 1,00137689323 times longer, or 2,50 HZ, which would add it up to 60fps, hence stretching it and solving that issue here once and for all.

I found several topics over the internet, for example here

http://www.wetekforums.com/v/index.php?p...ate-issues Sync Playback to Display (this does nothing when Kodi is running on Android)
https://steamcommunity.com/groups/steamu...752/?ctp=3 even with working drivers you will get stuttering on 24fps content or anything else that is not native to your display refresh rate as the "sync playback to display option" does not work

where people claim that it does actually nothing under specific circumstances. I am beginning to ask myself why it really does nothing for me too, why that is the case and how one might enable it, since I regard that stretching/sync as a solution.
I can only repeat myself: Try booting LibreElec from an USB stick and see if it works. Specially with and without auto refresh rate switching.
SteamOS is not a platform that we deem a good choice for kodi.

edit: and yes, kodi can speed up playback a few percent. That's what happens e.g. if you play 23,976 on 24HZ or 25HZ display
ah, you meant LE to test any configuration - I thought you wanted me to use LE just to clarify whether the TV supports 24p. Will do that and reply asap.
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