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Full Version: Can Kodi automatically scroll the playlist to the current item?
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I've been creating long playlists in Kodi. For a non-party-mode playlist, I often wish to be able to see the tracks upcoming following the current track There used to be an option for this in a past version...Frodo did it, at least.

But I'm not seeing this happen any more, nor do I see a way of making it happen.

What I'd REALLY like to do is to have the playlist automatically scroll as the current track changes, so I can see which tracks are coming next (and I can then decide to skip a track if I know that someone doesn't like an upcoming item).

Perhaps a player option titled "Follow current item?" (Yes/No)?

Please, if I'm missing something, could someone straighten me out?
I think what you want is discussed here http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=305853

In the meantime, switch to current playlist display during playback from the side blade, this will show what is on the playlist and highlight the current song. But it is also like the other navigation screens, the artwork shown relates to where you positioned the cursor in that list, and you can browse up and down to see what is going to play or been played. But if you leave and come back it will go to the currently playing item.