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This is a skin mod of the Estuary Classic skin I've been working and using. I thought I would submit it on GitHub and share for anyone interested.

It started out as some simple modifications to the home screen (to fit more stuff!), but I couldn't stop. As a result, it's a skin for those wanting something between the look and feel of Classic and Current Estuary.

Currently only skinned for 1080 at 16:9 dimensions, but hope to provide and update for wide TV/monitor in the near future.. (probably when I buy my wide monitor).

Current version 0.6.0, but making frequent updates on the master as I comb through the XML.


Looks great, I really like the rating showing on list views. Can you point me to the code for that as I was playing around with music star rating recently in a similar way but gave up.

Oh and the grey music controls look a little out of place to me.

Everything else is very nice!
The rating circle is an include named "UserRatingCircle". Just look for it and put it where you want, within context of course. I changed it in the max XML to accept "size" and "font" as parameters.

You're right about them grey controls.. I changed it.
Thanks for the mod, looks promising Smile

I have a few cosmetic suggestions:

1. In message pop-ups, the font in the title bar is too small

2. In the live TV, there is too much empty space in the tiles. Perhaps you could resize the channel logos to make them bigger and reduce the space between the channel name and the playing time

3. In the weather screen, again there is empty space after the last forecast panel.

4. In the list view, the vertical scroll bar is too thick in my opinion. Also the font is rather small.

That's all for now Smile
Thanks for the input. I really haven't done anything too much with PVR or weather until now. I don't have a PVR setup at home, and weather forecast is in my face all the time Smile But since you brought it up, them visuals were annoying me too..so I updated them.

1. Fixed





4. Changed
looks great.
Thank U.
(2017-03-08, 01:32)vector991 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the input. I really haven't done anything too much with PVR or weather until now. I don't have a PVR setup at home, and weather forecast is in my face all the time Smile But since you brought it up, them visuals were annoying me too..so I updated them.
Thanks Smile

Regarding PVR\LiveTV, the easiest way to test (without recording capabilities, unfortunately) is with the PVR.Filmon addon.
Oh, that was helpful. I installed it, but for some reason the actual channels don't play for me.. I'll have to figure that out later. Also, at the same time I noticed a PVR demo addon as well which is really useful too. I don't know how I managed to miss that one before.

I think I want to set up a TVheadend server soon and tinker around..


How can we install this skin.
It's simple..

1. Goto the GitHub link on my first post
2. Look for the 'clone or download' green button on right side of page. Download and save it.
3. In Kodi, goto Addons menu and find the 'Install from zip file' option
4. You'll get the file browser so just look for the .zip file you got from github and select. That's all there is to it.
5. You can update the addon doing the same thing
Looks great! I'll be following this very closely Smile
To me, there was a serious shortage of skins I actually liked before Krypton and Estuary were a thing. Now there's at least 3 I like (this, Re-Estuarized and OMNI), and it's only getting harder to decide which one to actually use Big Grin

I'll give this a shot next time I'm making changes to my setup. Keep up the good work ^^
Thanks. I started this a couple weeks ago only because I liked the current Estuary skin but the home screen was a deal breaker, and I wanted to use more screen real estate that classic Estuary seemed to not maximize on. (Just my opinion of course... they are nice skins and lots of good work went into them). I don't intend to provide much customization settings as others do since it's only a personal project (and if someone has similar taste to mine and can use it, that's great!). The kind of interfaces I like are ones that are simple - keep the lines clean, maximize the screen real estate, and keep navigation flow efficient with minimal input presses which Estuary and the Kodi skin engine has already done an amazing job with.
using this great for few days.
is there any way to edit main menu categories like the original skin - with library node editor?
No, not the categories above the widgets. If you want though, to change main menu items on the left, I mostly have it stubbed to incorporate the Skin Shortcuts Addon. You can add any library node there. I can probably post an update for that support, but I don't intend to do much past that, such as changing the sub-menus categories with it.

Changes posted on GitHub master. Behavior is, if you install the Skin Shortcuts Addon (from Kodi repository) it will recognize and support. Otherwise, the stock main menu is still intact.
thank u.
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