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Full Version: Fan Speed on Macbook Air
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HI. I'm using Kodi on a Macbook Air and experiencing extremely fast/noisy fan speeds. My activity monitor shows that Kodi is using around1 12% of CPU, and the "average energy impact" is 50% or so.

Worried this might be damaging my computer/battery. Would be grateful for any advice/tips.

I know nothing about Macs, but my only question would be "what's Kodi doing?". If it's using CPU then it's because it's asking the PC to do something; the CPU gets hot, the fan kicks in as it's designed to. Short of improving heat dissipation (which is hard in a laptop, let alone something with no user serviceable parts inside) then the only obvious thing to do is reduce the demand on the computer.
Funny you should mention this.

I have v17(.1) running on a Nuc / Win.
I also have noticed much heavier fan activity with no noticable ( is that a word?) stress on the system.
Put 16.1 back on for good measure and the system seems to quiet down again.

Just thought it was weird, and these findings can very well be unrelated.
Coming from an IT Pro who has experience with Apple products........ Laptops run HOT as it is, video and streaming are resource heavy and the GPU is going to heat up. MANY Laptops share the heatsink and fan for the CPU and GPU, thus causing the fan to spin fast to dissipate that heat. It is a normal thing actually.

There's not much you can do aside from using a cooling pad with fans on it under your laptop, NEVER have laptop laying on surfaces like the bed, that restricts airflow tremendously and causes heat issues, AND blowing the fan out with compressed air to unclog any potential dust on a semi regular basis is important.... once every 3 months is what I do my Macbook and my Alienware. Another thing you could do which may help the performance of your MAC is to go to Applications Folder, Utilities folder, Disk Utility App. Run it once every 3 months, choose VERIFY DISK PERMISSIONS and then REPAIR DISK PERMISSIONS. This helps keep your drive running smoothly and can help with overall performance of apps including KODI. This may or may not help with the fan issues by keeping the laptop running efficiently you use less resources thus putting less strain on the machine.... IN THEORY.

Ideally use a cooling pad, and NEVER lay laptop on the bed where he vents are not clear, and bedding traps heat! Avoid that shit like cancer.