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Full Version: Music Visualisation not working
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I have LibreELEC 8.0.0 using Kodi 17.0 and I am having problems getting visualisations to work in several music addons, Shoutcast2 and Radio. I can install and see the various visualisations but when I try to use any of them I get a "Can't Load Shared Library". Any help would be appreciated.

Based on the error message you are quoting it sounds like you are trying to use projectM, which is is no longer operational on LE.

That should now be fixed
If is of any help I am running this on an Odroid U3 that is an ARM chip.
What visualisation are you using?
I have tried Spectrum, Shadertoy and waveform. All give me the same error.
Odroid U3 is an unsupported platform, you will have to ask whoever made the build to build the new add-ons version.