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Full Version: mi box as kodi mythtv frontend
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First some background on my current setup and what I'm trying to achieve. I have had a fire tv stick (2016 model) with kodi sideloaded for some time. I was happy with almost everything about it until I set up a mythtv box and discovered that playback was not exactly smooth for recordings and live tv in full 1080 hd. Not only is there a bit of stuttering but the video obviously requires de-interlacing but the OSD lacks any de-interlacing options. Interestingly if I use dlna to play back the files on my Blu-ray player the playback is beautiful. After some digging I realized that the problem is more than likely due to a lack of hardware decoding for MPEG 2 with this chipset.

I could easily set up a cheap dedicated kodi frontend using Linux, but what I'm tired of is switching inputs (and remotes!), so I'm looking at an Android solution in order to be able to use the native apps for Netflix, Vudu, Prime video, and Spotify.

In looking at specs and at the Android hardware chart on the kodi wiki it looks like the mi box has hardware decoding for MPEG 2. I'm wondering if anyone here is using this combination and if so how well is it working? Getting the video from mythtv to play smoothly in kodi is pretty much my last hurdle to being able to actually enjoy mythtv (don't get me started on what a pita setting it up in freebsd was).