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Full Version: View:List not available for TV > Recordings ?
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Hi Ronie.

Just got around to moving my live TV tuner & PVR functionality directly over to my Kodi HTPC, from my headless server.
I've been using Transparency since ~2010 [because it's THE best XBMC/Kodi skin, obviously Cool] and the TV/PVR functionality is great. Everything works perfectly and fits into the Transparency design language and aesthetics seamlessly.

One *tiny* niggle ...

In the TV section, subsection Recordings, the view is set as View: Fanart.

This means that the titles of recordings are in the narrow bottom right hand column, and the date label is truncated, or for selected entry, forever marquee scrolling horizontally for anything longer than 2 or 3 character titles.
Having it as View: List, like TV > Timers and TV > Timer Rules, would seem to be ideal. (Albeit with the recording info panel included)

Before I start trying to amateurishly futz around in the skin's .XML files, to attempt to change it, is there any inherent technical reason why View:List isn't used or wouldn't work for the Recordings list ?
thanx for the subtle hint :-)

i've updated the view a bit. if you want to fiddle with it yourself, you can have a look at my changes:
Thanks for the speedy changes - pleased to find my subtlety function still works Wink
I'm very glad you stepped in - I had already gone down a wrong path by attemtping to modify it as a control type 52 FullList instead of type 58 MediaInfo so no wonder I was running into trouble with the recording info panel.

The new layout looks great and the contextual popup menus behave perfectly - just what I needed.

There seems to be a slight issue with the <onleft>,<onright> behaviour, in that it only works first time:-

From the Recordings List pane (which has focus when initially accessed) if I use <left> or <right> UI controls to slide in the Left Panel then once it's open and focused I can't subsequently use <left> or <right> again to return focus to the Recordings List pane.
Using <up> or <down> in Left Panel to go to a different entry works and those all behave normally, but the "state" of the Recordings List is retained (with Left Panel visible and focused and <left><right> having no effect) even if I access it via directly shortcut from Home Main Menu <TV > -> Submenu < TV recordings>
Doh! - must have been half asleep last night when I was trying to diagnose this to give you sufficient accurate information.

Looked again this morning, and saw one part of the problem right away...
<onleft> & <onright> were still referencing the old control type 50
I'm *sure* I tried changing that when testing, but maybe I had a brain-fart and tried it with control type 52 because I was comparing behaviour against the Timers section and it's XML.

Aaaaaanyway - got there ... eventually Blush

50:          <onleft>58</onleft>
51:          <onright>58</onright>

There's still a further focus issue that I'm missing, however.

If you go back and use Left Panel controls to open Search, Timers or Timer Rules then go back to Left Panel and open Recordings again we're back to the same no-focus on opened Recordings pane situation.
The "non-focusable" state can now be made to be reset/forgotten, however, by clicking Left Panel control for View:, Sort by: or Group Items:
Recordings pane now works properly again with <onleft><onright> ... until you use Left Panel controls for Recordings, Search, Timers or Timer Rules once more.

That's as far as I've gotten because, unfortunately, tracking the condtion of the focus/selectable states through the various related components is proving to be beyond my skills Confused
thank you for testing. some further tweaks are needed indeed:
(2017-03-10, 22:33)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]thank you for testing. some further tweaks are needed indeed:
Great - that seems to have nailed down all the menu-navigation/focus issues. Big Grin

The only slight behavioural difference I can find now is that item focus in active Recordings pane list doesn't vertically wraparound when navigating up or down past first/last item.

N.B. : I didn't use a full refresh from Git for Includes.xml, with the WIP game related merges, only the PVR related diffs from base v10.3.0, if that has any relevance to the wraparound
Commit a4cf17c did indeed fix the wrapping.

Thanks again for sorting out this new view. My OCD spidey-sense has now gone quiet once more Cool