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Full Version: Pixelated
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For some reason I have some elements in the image pixelated with the 17 version in PVR Simple TV. Like the bug logo or every text that appears in screen as static. I did'nt have this problem with 16 version. Some help? Thanks!
I can move this post to PVR Simple to see if you can get some response from that area? Pixelation is generally a property of your graphics engine and how it's decoding, you might want to search for updated drivers, or try software rendering.

Thanks for your response, I tried software decoder but is slow. Could be possible that something updated with 17 version is the problem? May be the ffmpeg update? I didn't have this problem with the 16 version. My device is a Sunvell T95X S905X Box Amlogic Quad Core 4 K x 2 K H.265 Set Top Box 2G RAM 8G ROM. Any idea? Only happens with static elements.