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(2017-03-13, 17:43)Powerhouse Wrote: [ -> ]..

1 File structures

Its important to make use the standard file structure for music videos like so:
C:\Kodi Sources\Mvids\Artist - Title.mkv

I know the above, as all my Music Videos are Artist-Title.mkv (or .avi, mp4, etc).

File naming is not important if you use an nfo file. None of my concert video files are named with the Artist, I only use the song title as the file name (but I have an nfo that contains Artist, Track, Title, Year and Genre) the 'Artist' and'Album' allows Kodi to group all my music videos into Artists and Albums much like Music (audio only) in Kodi

Example: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2389612
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