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Full Version: Amazon Fire/Kodi connection
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New member here. Thank you for any help.

New to Kodi and I just got an Amazon fire tv unit for my television (2008 model Panasonic).

I am about to scream due to having it installed but not knowing how to sync up my Amazon drive (cloud) videos not "cooperating" with the Amazon Fire unit to play the videos on repeat or loop or even knowing if the installed kodi software is "reading" the Amazon videos.

It's like everything is installed, but they are not seeing or communicating with each other to carry out remote commands from me. No matter what I do...I can't get it to sync up. Is it a connection or wireless issue?

Please help!! This will take step by step instructions since I'm new to kodi.

Thank you!!
I suspect you've already discovered this wiki HOW-TO:Install Kodi on Fire TV (wiki) and networking wiki File sharing (wiki) and as this is an Android device and this is a windows forum, I'll move your post to the Android section. A debug log is usually requested, so be prepared Log file/Easy (wiki)
I've tried everything. I reset my Amazon Fire to factory. I have a Windows PC, an iPhone, and no Android technology devices other than the Amazon Fire.

No matter what I do...it's blocking me somehow at every turn. I am so frustrated I can't see straight. I know it HAS to be some sort of simple solution.

Can SOMEONE...out of the kindness of their hearts...walk me through, step by step...as a complete novice and idiot...I just want to get Kodi running in harmony with my Amazon Fire TV. I have no phone number for tech support at Kodi, no nothing.

Please let me know what I have to do. I am so sorry.

Thank you,