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Full Version: Time skipping
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I tro to use time skipping as described in the Wiki. While the video is playing, I enter 230 then the right arrow key to skip 2 minute 30sec forward in the video. However, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

I use Kodi 16.1 and the (virtual) keyboard of the iOS Kodi Remote App.
Try with a real keyboard to see if it's an issue with the iOS Kodi Remote App.
It won't work with any smart apps or web interfaces. Only physical remotes and keyboards.
You don't use the right arrow.

Enter your time then press the OK button, which is the button in the middle of the up/down/left/right arrows.

This is how it is done using a remote control. Just test the same method on the app.
(2017-03-12, 12:17)blossom24 Wrote: [ -> ]You don't use the right arrow.

Yes you can see http://kodi.wiki/view/skip_steps#Skip_th...ied_amount

Note however that this was accidentally removed during a code refactor for v17.0 but has now been restored for v17.1.
Oh I stand corrected

I originally read op comment to mean skipping to specific time mark...

Quote:7.2 Skip to a specific time mark
Using you remote or keyboard enter time mark value followed by ↵ Enter key.
Sorry for my late reply. I switched to OSMC 2017.02-2 with Kodi 17.1-RC1 in the meantime and bought a wireless usb keyboard. I can skip to a specific time mark (230 then ENTER to jump to 2 minutes 30 seconds). However, I still can not skip a specified amount (230 then RIGHT arrow key).
What does the compile date say? the fix was merged in the branch for Krypton 17.1 on the 22nd Feb.
How can I find out the compile date?
In System Information.
OSMC was compiled on the 7th Feb, but there is no update available. I guess, I have to wait till it is released so that I can test it.
As I suspected that's not a true 17.1 RC1 version done by OSMC, as the real thing was released 23rd Feb.