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Full Version: Movies with alternate endings
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Hey everyone,

First, just let me say that I love Kodi. I've been using it for a few years now, and the community is pretty phenomenal, to the point where most of the hiccups I've run into have been solved by a quick search through these forums.

That being said, I have not been able to find a resolution for this issue. I have my library stored in this format: Movieset\Moviename\File. I recently ripped my Bluray of I am Legend, which has two versions of the movie: the original, and the one with the alternate ending. Is there any way to store these so that Kodi recognizes that there are two separate movies, without needing to have them in separate folders?

Skopin, I am not a pro at Kodi, but this is something I had to cross once and just to get things going I opted for the multi-folder. Star Trek II WoK I have two versions. I ended up just processing both and Kodi took care of the namings

Star Trek II, WoK (1982)
Star Trek II, WoK (1982)_

I would be interested as well, but for the time being at least both versions are in Kodi. Within the Library I added "original" to the name and to the other "extended" to tell them apart

I know this is not what you mentioned you wanted to do, but in the interim at least you can get both in to the library. Or maybe you knew this already and this is no help, then I apologize, but if not.....
If you put them in the same folder, you can use an NFO file for the second one and scrape from that.
Why not put each one in their own folder, scrape them, and then just edit the title of the second one in the kodi movies view itself? To something like I am Legend (Aletrnate ending). That's simpl3, logic and it has always been possible.