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Full Version: Adding Extras
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I never did this before, but it seems that more and more "extras" are becoming a norm and my separate drive is filling up so I need to move these in to each corresponding movie in my library. So I went reading in the addons and I found one addon that I think is what I am looking for which is called "Extras". I also found one from a repo that's called "VideoExtras", but I don't think it is compatible with version 17 (Krypton) because it is not listed in the categories, but I may be wrong.

Anyways, I was wondering if either one is the best addon option to use in Krypton or is there another addon that is better than these two?

I would like for the addon to:
* from within the movie information listing have the addon add a button called "Extras"? Kind of like trailers
* or do these addons just have to look at the extras just from the Videos menu?

I looked in the categories Videos, Programs and Services, but nothing else is jumping out at me based on the namings of addons in those categories.

If anyone has another addon suggestion it would be greatly appreciated, thanks
Looking at the repository Add-on:Extras (wiki) is available, and a lot of skins support this through the 'information' panel. I also found one from a repo that's called "VideoExtras" I believe this has been depreciated in the official repository and may have issues in some future development. Key here is to get an 'Etras' folder into each movie folder (case sensitive) without triggering the scraper or listing, so this would have to be utilizing an advanced settings exclusion as follows. I personally find this useful and doesn't seem to slow things down.

       <!-- Extras Section Start -->
          <excludefromscan action="append">
                 <excludetvshowsfromscan action="append">
     <!-- Extras Section End -->
Sorry for the late reply, but thank you PatK. I will give this a try.