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Full Version: Kodi Krypton on FireTV2 album art?
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I've been a long time XBMC/Kodi user primarily for music playback from a NAS on a wireless LAN.

For quite some time I managed with a first gen Apple TV and Kodi via OpenElec and then one day it decided enough was enough and it died on me. I replaced it yesterday with the new 2017 Amazon Fire TV (2) and got Kodi Krypton loaded and up and running. It's very fast, compared to the old ATV, and has seemingly flawless playback capabilities. What I am missing is album art in "Panel" and/or "Icon" views of the library. Art work shows up when browsing songs but not folders of songs.

My entire library is setup Music/Artist (folder.jpg)/Album (cover.jpg)/song.flac, *.mp3, etc. and most of my files have artwork embedded in the tags as well.

Advice on how to get my folder.jpg and cover.jpgs to show up again?

On a tangent, the other thing I miss is ProjectM and Milkdrop as visualizations. I've searched the forums but maybe not many are running 17.0 on the new Amazon ARM builds yet? I'd love to see these working again, even if it meant rolling back to an older build?

I apologize if my search didn't turn up anything that seemed relevant, before I posted this.

Thanks in advance.
In advancedsettings?

(2017-03-09, 22:53)Uatschitchun Wrote: [ -> ]In advancedsettings?


File manager shows a populated thumbnail tree and the thumbnails show on playback, just not when browsing the library folders.

I'm a noob when it comes to tweaking Kodi... it always worked so well right "out of the box". Can you point me to more documentation, please?
Just a follow up:

When I setup kodi's sources I could not access either the NFS or SMB shares and had to rely on Twonky Media, hosted on my NAS, to get the library integrated. I thought I might try again and went after 17.1 RC this time and NFS is available!

Loading the source as NFS has enabled folder.jpg and cover.jpg again and the library is slowly populating. I don't know if this is a NFS specific thing or if 17.0 just doesn't like my FireTV.