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Full Version: Audio and subtitles language flags
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Hi everybody.

Let's put it simple. I just want this:


Possibly in Confluence, but this is not mandatory.

I spent all the afternoon looking around on the web to find some kind of informations or tutorial, but I only found a lot (really: a LOT!) of outdated infos about "Video Language Script" (thanks to the user scott967 who pointed me out to the fact that it's no longer used).
Or some threads here and there explaining how to go down deep in the skins code to modify them and set the media flags: unfortunately, I do not have so much time to dedicate to this and I don't actually want to become a Kodi skin master... Just need some png icons showing up into the movie description, in order to help my wife to easily see which movies in our collection have both french and english audio and subs, nothing else.

Is very any simple (actually really simple...) way to achieve this?
Maybe a specific skin, or an already modded one, ready to be downloaded and installed?

Estuary mods by Guiloz show this info.
Thanks for your reply HeresJohnny

Unfortunately... This mod requires to enter in the detail of each movie infos in order to show up the language flags Sad

I actually need to have them in the movie library, as in the screenshot i attached up there, in order to identify french, english and "multi" stream at first sight...
You could set up your own nodes or add tags.