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Full Version: ReplayGain not working in Krypton
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I just recognized that there is no difference when adjusting the dB level for files with ReplayGain tags.
I use this feature for some time now and it always worked in Kodi Jarvis.
Anyone else noticed this?

edit: Nevermind works again after reboot Blush
Interesting that it appears to be working for you after a reboot and I'm not sure it's the exact same issue but you may want to have a look at the following thread: 296751 (thread)
Yes this is a known issue.
(2017-03-13, 12:24)docwra Wrote: [ -> ]Yes this is a known issue.
It is? Can you point me to anything about it.
I was going from this thread


But i'm guessing since the original poster now has it working, there is no issue.