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Full Version: 1080 choppy video - Max CPU
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The story:
I have a Matricom G-box PC running Kodi on top of ubuntu OS. The htpc is pointed to my main PC hard drive (windows) for media and has worked fine for some time. I recently ran a system update on ubuntu...which in turn updated Kodi to the newest version (I don't even know what my old version was). I had to remap to windows (which was a pain) but I also have a issue which I recall resolving originally way back when I first set things up...but just cannot seem to find the setting to fix it again this time around.

The problem:
All files run smoothly except 1080 which seems to spike my CPU on the device to 100% causing choppy video. 720 runs fine with no trouble. Its gotta be a setting somewhere as again, I recall fixing this type of issue sometime in the past, but new update looks to have broken it again.

The troubleshooting:
Toggled deinterlacing settings
Messed with hardware acceleration settings (enabled, disabled, etc)
Toggled 'adjust refresh rate' settings
Searched forums for other possible solutions

The logs:

I appreciate your help. Thank you!
Did I stump everyone?
I'm no expert, but since no one else has chimed in...

That E350 is pretty old. I had one of those many years ago (running Win7) and it was barely able to handle 1080p. AMD drivers apparently aren't as friendly with Linux these days, so if the update changed your driver, you may need to revert to a legacy package to run that old hardware. Also, from the video you tried to play in the log, it seems to be HEVC. No way an E350 can handle that.
Quote:NOTICE: CDVDVideoCodecFFmpeg::Open() Using codec: HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)

HEVC is not hw decoded on the E350. Just forget it.
Looks like we can't figure it out.
Migrating to plex works fine.
What? It's always quite funny, what people assume.

I can explain things to you, but I cannot understand them for you.

Therefore don't confuse, you not getting the answer, with "we can't figure it out". You try to play HEVC content on a low end E350, which cannot decode HEVC in HW at all and therefore it gets choppy with all cpus at the max.

Going to plex might make it work, because the backend is transcoding it for you and therefore degrading the quality and making it playable on your hw.