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Full Version: Subscription cost
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So is the cost $60 or $35? I see both prices. Also it says Early Access. Does this mean its beta software and it will cost $35 when done, or is the first year always $60 and subsequent years will be $35?
We are not silicon dust. Ask there. They have forums.
Yes, the software is still beta. It is not feature complete, and pricing is subject to change, too.
I emailed them asking about this just the other day, and Ted Head was nice enough to clarify things.

Apparently $60 buys you EPG data and early-access until the official release, and you get the release a month before outsiders. It also buys you the first year of EPG/DVR functionality, which starts ticking only after the release. $60 could potentially buy you more than one year.

If you wait for the release, it will cost you $35 for the first year (as of the current pricing structure). If you pay $60 and they release tomorrow, you won't lose anything but your $25. They wouldn't even estimate a release date.
It started as a Kickstarter project to build SiliconDust's version/vision of what a DVR and its interface should be. That was back in Spring 2015, 2 years ago. After the Kickstarter was funded, they kept adding stretch goals (or whatever the Kickstarter term is), such as promising additional clients, &c. The DVR software was supposed to enter beta (and early-access) in August, with a stated expected public/general release in October.

If you paid for early-access back in the beginning, you would have had nearly 2 years of betas, with more on the horizon. Now, I'd say it warrants a cost/benefit analysis to see if you still want to go that route.

As far as this Kodi PVR addon goes, it's a little more complicated. Some users have been reporting that they are not receiving the additional guide data that the early-access DVR software gives them access to: 2 weeks versus 4 hours. Another complication is the wording the license for that guide data might technically preclude Kodi from using it: the license says that applications that may access the data, but that they cannot store it to disk, and Kodi's EPG caching may put this addon in violation of SD's license.