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Full Version: Not seeing video playback
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Having recently upgraded my Asus Chrombox from OpenELEC to LibreELEC 8.0.0, with Kodi 17.0, I find that I don't see video playback any more.

Specifically, after I seemed to get the U/I all working and displaying correctly, I find that when I start to play a video (Movie, TV show, I've tried a few, so I assume it's not based on the specifics of a video file [format]), the play icon appears in the U/I, but nothing else appears. I can head the sound of the video, at least the first few seconds worth, then it seems to stop. I can interact successfully with the U/I, stop the video, etc. But I never _see_ it.

This is likely specific to my chrome box, so let me know if I should try a different forum...
Hmm.  Interesting additional detail.  I hooked up a mouse to the box, largely to make adjusting settings a little easier.  After having a mouse attached, I find that I can _click_ on the play icon and program/movie name near the upper right of the screen, and it attempts to display the video.  But, it's not succeeding.  I can't see anything but black, and after a few seconds  (8?) it stops trying to play, then audio stops, and there are echoes of mouse cursor motion that get stuck in the video play area.

Is this a problem with settings on the video device?  I followed the advice I found at http://kodi.wiki/view/chromebox#Recommended_Settings to set things, up, and that was mostly how they were already set.

​​​​​​​Let me know if you have any thoughts.  Thanks.
As an update: I got a message to a similar post on the LibreELEC forums, and a hard reset back to defaults on the system ended up solving the problem. I did a backup then a full reset of LibreELEC from within its settings menu, and no longer have the issue where videos don't play.

Thanks, and in case anyone else finds this thread, that's what I did.