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Full Version: mpeg2 videos aspect ratio for 1080 skewed
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I'm using Kodi 17. I have tried 17.0 and the current nightly Krypton armeabi v7a build, running on Android Lolipop on an S905 Amilogic Box.

My own videos (480, 720, 1080) resolution) work correctly at the proper aspect ratios (which are all encoded with h264)

The problem seems to lie with mpeg2. Live TV, and PVR recordings that are OVER 720 resolution get stretched out in the horizontal axis with black bars on both top and bottom.

This happens regardless whether the output is set for 720 or 1080p

Any suggestions?


It seems to contained to mpeg streams.

If I re-encode it to mpeg2video then is works perfectly fine.

This is not a viable option watching LIVE Streams though.

Perhaps there is an issue setting DAR.

SAR shows 1.78 but DAR is 2.76
Problem fixed ...

Thanks to Peak3d, Patched now in Krypton and Leia