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Full Version: Remove Duplicates from HTTP
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Hi all

Im new here... had to post this as I couldnt find any solution to this...have been Google for days .. Huh

Anyway heres my problem

Im using HTTP link as my video sources; multiple links from different web

The problem is that I can only scrape from them so I cannot add or remove any movies from here

So naturally my movie collections have duplicates all over...

I have read the only solution is to remove the file manually; but the collection i have now is more thank 5k movies

impossible to manually remove them Sad

Is there a solution to this?

Was thinking to manually export the library andthen manually remove them in PC and then reimport them back... but i dont really know how.... any pointers greatly appreciated Angel
Quote:Im using HTTP link as my video sources; multiple links from different web
This sounds suspiciously pirate. I don't think Kodi and this function was intended to be used in this manner. Please help me understand 5K movies over the web?
This is short movies/vidoes from youtube collection... mostly on diy projects...but compiled in http link
Normally you would have limited sources for your media, duplicates would be easily handled by editing the sources. Then a system clean and you're laughing. Manually export the library, and editing the export and reloading then a system clean might be a possible solution. Tell me how this works for you, are you putting http addresses in the .nfo file and scraping that? Wouldn't the standard delete from the context menu work in file mode? Sorry if I sound confused, because I am.
I was thinking using Video Explorer 181785 (thread) to clean up the duplicates as it seems able to do so..

But ran into a snag whereby it cannot import XML file.. Kodi is installed on Android (MiBox3) while the app run on windows..

Maybe I need to install Kodi on my PC first? then import the file from Android... then only run Video Explorer... after than re export back to Android? ... Seems bit of long process... that's why I was thinking is there any app/program/addons that Kodi has that can do this on the fly within Kodi itself?