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Full Version: Testers Needed! - Aspect Ratio Support
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Version 0.6.2 of Unity has been uploaded to my test repository.
This is the first version of Unity to support an adaptive layout, and therefore adds support for many more common aspect ratios.

This was a pretty major overhaul, so I need help in testing the layouts for any alignment issues.

Please report them in this thread so I can keep all changes related to the re-code in one place.






You can grab the latest test version from my repo:
Bumpaneer's Repo v1.0.4 - Download Link
I downloaded this zip and installed it using install from zip. When i check the repo i see 0.6.3??
I did have a older version prior but i did deleta my data folder cause Kodu 17 kept getting stuck and corrupt.
Over at gitHub its says 0.6.3 is that correct then, perhaps im getting confused now caues the repo shows different number while i think that has nothing todo with the skin.
Whats the code for adding the lower icons like the youtube icon? I thought that adding submenu already would take care of this, I first thought smart shortcuts, but this results in empty page list