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Full Version: Bluetooth Audio Disruption.
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Not sure how best to describe this or even if it is in the correct forum, but here goes.

Running Krypton RC1 on a MacBook Pro with the latest version of Sierra. I normally listen through a set of LG HBS700 bluetooth headsets. All was fine until Saturday morning. Kodi runs fine, plays everything appropriately, but the sound is gone. All I get is what sounds like I'm watching aliens from the X-files or something - and no, not watching SyFy. Weird pops, whirs and other just strange noises.

Outside of Kodi, the headsets work fine. Audio through the speakers in Kodi is fine, as are headphones plugged into the jack. It's just the BT headphones that are all messed up. I tried a full wipe of Kodi and a completely clean install (eliminating my Kodi folder in my application support folder) and still get the same audio issues.

It's so weird and I can't trace the problem. Anyone else with BT issues on the MacOS version of Krypton?
Thanks, but nope. The more I listen to it, the more it sounds like the audio is dramatically slowed down until it is unrecognizable. It only happens with these headphones in Kodi and started 2 days ago. I've had the headphones for years and have been working fine up until then.
It has happened to me too. It was some combination of the above, rebooting my macbook air and/or re-connecting (forget/learn) the bluetooth headset fixed it. The built in speakers used to work fine when it happened.

I have Bose QC-35 headphones.

You can also try connecting the headphones before and after you start kodi to check if that makes a difference.
Did you actually try what the wiki says? (Fixing the sample rate to 44.1 khz - or maybe even 48khz)
(2017-03-14, 09:29)Memphiz Wrote: [ -> ]Did you actually try what the wiki says? (Fixing the sample rate to 44.1 khz - or maybe even 48khz)

Yes, as per my comment above, I did try that and it made no difference. Since quayrd had the same issue that was solved by repairing, that's what I tried and it solved the issue this morning. What is strange is that the issue was isolated to Kodi, all other audio was perfect fine.
Well the BT audio issue is back and worse since 17.1. NEVER had a BT issue pre-Krypton, now it's hit or miss. It was relatively solved by repairing with 17, but now with 17.1 repairing doesn't solve the issue. The issue is the same whether I use my old LG headsets or my new AirPods that I got 2 days ago. I have no issues with Bluetooth audio except within Kodi. Downgrading to the final release of 16 and I don't have any BT issues. Beyond frustrating.

And YES, I actually tried what the wiki says and fixed the sample rate to 44.1 or 48 and still have the problem.
I only have a bt speaker that works fine - what osx version are you using actually and what kind of audio/video material
I'm running the latest version of Sierra on a 15" MacBook Pro. It happens even with the Kodi system sounds. I don't have to be watching/listening to anything. The sounds when moving between menus is also messed up for example. I've even tried having music playing through iTunes or say Pandora through Safari while running Kodi. That music is fine, but Kodi is not. I can tell when I will have an issue as soon as starting Kodi. Nothing on my system has changed since the upgrade to Krypton. I've tried doing a fresh install of Kodi with no add-ons running the default skin and still get the issue. It is very strange and only started when I moved to Krypton. Quayrd above said he has the same issue.
Oh, and when I mean fresh install, I also wipe out the whole data directory associated with Kodi. I've never had the issue with either the internal speakers or the audio via hdmi out to a TV, it is isolated to Bluetooth
Please post a debug log (wiki)
Also please have a look at this video which shows all my (default) settings when it works fine with my bluetooth speaker:


As said - it doesn't seem to be a general problem.
OK, hopefully I did this correctly. Here is the URL that was generated by the Kodi Logfile Uploader


I wiped out my Kodi folder in my application support folder, so this is a "fresh install" and the BT issue is present. It's just so weird. I don't post much, but have been using Kodi for years and have been through several releases (long before it was actually Kodi and was still XBMC). I didn't have a Bluetooth issue until moving to Krypton.
Sadly you didn't try to play any media in that log. The only thing i can see is that those airpods have a strange channel map. It only announces 1 channel which is set to "front center". I thought this is a stereo device. Please go into audio-midi-setup in osx, select the earpods and make a screenshot from the right config pane. Do the same for the speakerlayout dialog in there and post both here.
It is a stereo device, so not sure about the channel map. I do know that the AirPods will detect if they are both in your ear. If both in your ear, then standard stereo. If only one, it will switch to mono.

I don't think it's an AirPod issue though since I had the same issue with my LG headset that is not as "sophisticated" as the AirPods.

I didn't "play anything" because it didn't seem to be a need to. What I mean is that I can tell right off the bat if there will be an issue with the audio because the GUI sounds are messed up. When that happens, I know that any audio or audio from video will be messed up as well.


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