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Full Version: Washed out blacks
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Hi folks,

Would you mind providing some guidance in respect of the following problem:

Interesting phenomenon with this version of Kodi that I am running on an HTPC with a AMD Radeon HD6850 card, and a new LG OLED 65E6P TV.

Basically the black colours, when movies are playing look washed out, gray-sh. That despite the fact that the bottom and top black bars are completely black.

When playing same movie in VLC or any other player, on the same TV, the levels of blacks are just fine.

Was running before version 14, and did not have this problem. Please let me know what settings to adjust.


Hello dana_2,

Here is an article that explains the problem... https://www.howtogeek.com/285277/how-to-...n-your-pc/

Go to Settings>System>Display. You will see an option "Use Limited Colour Range (16-255)". Just toggle this on and off and see which setting improves it. If this does not work, follow the instructions in the above article. (assumes Windows machine)


FYI, your TV has a similar setting somewhere in its menu system. But, from what you described, sounds like the TV is set ok.
Hi blossom24.

I will follow the steps from that article, as your instructions did not work. Following them made even the top and bottom bars from black, gray Smile))

Thank you for your help!

Hi, I seem to have the same problem as you Dana.

Are you using Kodi on Windows? Try running version 16. In my case 16 works, 17 or 17.1 RC1 has faded blacks (regardless of settings in the NVidia control panel, or in Kodi itself).

Edit: also in my case it is only the video itself which is wrong, the menus and such are displaying correctly.
Kodi on Windows, that is correct. And it is the only player that behaves like this. All others display blacks properly.
Second ,method worked like a charm, so now all is good Smile

Retro83 - check the link above. Will most likely fix your issue as well.