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Full Version: Repeating Playlist stops after a few hours
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My company is setting up a video presentation as part of an art display, and I'm trying to use Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3 to play the video. I've gotten a playlist set up, and I can get it to repeat for a while, but after 7-8 hours playback stops and KODI returns to the main screen. This display needs to be running pretty much non-stop for two weeks.

Does Kodi have some built in playback limit that's not indicated in settings that I can disable, or is there some way to force it to restart a given playlist one playback has stopped?
What distro are you using to run Kodi? Can you get the crash logs?
From the looks of it, OSMC_Pi2. I apologize if this is not the right thing, I'm a KODI noob.

I will try to access the crash logs, but will have to hunt down an SD card reader to do so.
I'm not sure how OSMC does it but they may have a way to pull logs from the device without taking the SD card out.