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Full Version: Low temperature font color is hard to read
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I'm finding the low temperatures hard to read in the weather section of the skin. I'm talking about the 4 or 8 day forecast where high and low temperatures are shown for each day in red (high temperature) and blue (low temperature) font color.
The red font color is ok, but the blue is really hard to read (for me) due to the low contrast with the background.

I tried to change the font color myself, with no luck. After a bit of digging I found that the low temperature font color is defined in line 1323 on the includes.xml file of the 1080i folder of the skin.

This line:


I tried changing it to a lighter shade of blue (RoyalBlue) but the skin doesn't seem to accept the change. It displays no values for the low temperatures. I tried using that color both in color name (RoyalBlue) and hex code (#4169E1) formats, without success.

Maybe the skin (or Kodi itself) only accepts a limited set of font colors. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. In any case, I'd appreciate some help to be able to change it.

If others also find that font color hard to read, maybe the developers could consider changing that font color in the skin.
Hi colours are defined in the skin.amber/colors folder.

Each theme has it's own colour xml file where they are defined.

You can define them in the xml file with a friendly name or use the FFFFFFFF format where the first FF defines alpha channel directly in the skin files.

I've made some tweaks here, can you test?

Thanks for your reply, Joe

Now I see why I couldn't make it work Smile

I tested your new file with the tweaks and that new shade of blue is somewhat better, but it's still no as readable as the red of the high temperatures.
Now that I know where to define the colors, I tried a few shades of blue to see which one worked best. I think that a lighter shade of blue is definitely more readable in this case. I finally chose the color named CornflowerBlue. It has great readability both against the default background of the weather screen and the custom (but also amber-coloured) background that I use
The color is FF6495ED (i.e. #6495ED)

I don't know if defining the new "blue" as that color can cause any problems somewhere else in the skin. Is it used anywhere else? If so, maybe it can be defined as an additional color instead of replacing the "blue"

Let me know what you think

PS: by the way, I also tested the "orphaned" dependencies fix and it works perfectly