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Full Version: Movies jitter 4k
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I'm facing a problem on kodi, the video have micro lags sometimes. I have a Beelink GT1 box and a LG 49UH668V 4K .The problem appear on almost all video from 24.9 to 50 or 60fps, it doesn't change anything. I let you see with the link bellow to the test video. As you see (I hope you do) the lags are not in a regular time so I don't think is a fps problem. I tried to configure all parameters like refresh rate, MediaCodec & others but I can't fix it. I also tried to force my box on a 1080p resolution to let the upscale to my TV but it's the same. Here are the result of my tests :

- If I plug my box on my Asus screen, all is good
- If I read the video on SMPC on my TV, all is good

Here I put the video found on kodi's website :


I try to fix that for days so if you have any idea or if you need more test or more screen / video, let me know Wink