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Full Version: Cannot Connect to Network server
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I am using Kodi Version 17.1 on my laptop PC with Wi-fi. I do not have a Kodi Box. Is it essential that I have a Kodi Box because with some Add on's it says "cannot connect to the network server?"

Also when trying to sign in with YouTube, Kodi gives an activation code. When I go and activate and return to Kodi I merely get another request to activate. This also happens with Fox News

In the You Tube add on, I can however, view Popular right now videos etc without signing in so I must have an Internet connection, and if so why can't I connect to the server?

I am a newbie so any assistance would be appreciated.
What do you mean it's essential you have a "Kodi Box"?

As you've already had one thread binned for banned addons I think we're going to need to see a debug log before going any further, you will only get help with a clean system here.
Yes your have to authorise the you tube add-on twice, just like the pop up says.

What add-ons aren't working? Where is your debug log (wiki)?