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Full Version: Can't Reset Video Calibration to view full screen
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I was playing around in the settings and went to video calibration and started moving the sliders. The top left hand slider went off the screen and now I am unable to view the whole screen and because of the border I cannot retrieve the slider to change the video calibration. I have tried finding the settings data to erase it and uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi as a whole to no avail. I am running the latest version of Kodi on a Windows 10 PC on a 4k monitor.
Same problem here, any ideas?
Generally you should be able to adjust the screen to fit with the available gadgets, but you're obviously having difficulty. Deleting the guisettings.xml in the userdata folder should rebuild and reset the user settings. Location of your Userdata is based on the o/s you are using Userdata (wiki)
Thank you!