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Full Version: Basic Shelf for Custom Home Menu Items
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14thFebruary2017 -. Added the ability to show a basic shelf for custom home menu items.

Hi. I was just curious as to exactly what this allows and how it works?

If we have a favourite as a home shelf item, can we then create a sub menu down the bottom of the screen? Or is a shelf the links to files that appear on the middle of the screen? (Like in progress, recently added ect in movies).

This uses the Skin Shortcuts addon to write a library shortcut for a main menu item to a skin setting e.g. for a playlist it could be special://profile/playlists/video/anime.xsp

The shelf then uses that playlist\shortcut to populate the shelf following the sortby, sortorder etc of that playlist.
Does this function work in Kodi 16.1 or is it just for Kodi 17, because that's pretty much all i'm missing to make my RPi the perfect htpc? I would love to update, but OpenElec is still at 16.1 and everything else seems slow (even LibreElec, which i find weird since the code is very similar)
Hi, this is only available in 17.