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Full Version: Loading music files into Kodi 15.2
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Greetings Forum Readers,

I'm a brand new user and have the most basic of questions on loading music files, which amazingly I didn't solve after much searching.
I have OpelELEC, Kodi 15.2 installed on an Apple TV1 with 160GB hard disk.
I have a collection of WMA music files on a USB drive which I want to load onto the Apple TV disk. I know the files are ok because I was able to create the USB drive as a source and scan to the library, album, track info, artwork is all there.
But it appears the Kodi music library is just an index to files in "sources" because the files don't play without the USB drive connected.
I also found the file manager, but I don't find the Kodi music folder to copy the files into. This is where I get stuck, because I can see there is a /storage/music folder in Kodi when I go into the sources dialog.

Help would be appreciated!
The files need to be physically available. So just copy them to wherever you like on that local drive. Best place is /storage/music/ as it's designed as a share and is available through smb.
Plug USB drive in and copy over your audio files to that folder
Thanks for the reply. I still haven't been able to copy the files over. In Kodi file manager, the top level items listed are:
- Profile directory
- (my USB drive /var/media...)
- Add source
Profile directory maps to special://profile/ and contains sub-folders, including Database and library, and xml files.

So in file manager, I'm not able to find the /storage/music folder, create a new folder or even get to the root of the file system. Possibly the default user lacks permissions.
This should be easy, I must be missing something simple?
Add a new source being home or root
(2017-03-16, 16:12)BillJ Wrote: [ -> ]I can see there is a /storage/music folder in Kodi when I go into the sources dialog.

Where you see that, open Context menu and select Edit Source.


In Edit Source you will see the full path being used.


Then go to File Manager and add a new source specifying that path.


For adding music sources for the first time refer to http://kodi.wiki/view/Adding_music_to_the_library
My recommendation before any of this is to upgrade from Isengard, switching to LibreElec

Darn Apple TV1, so no not possible, sorry for the noise. I just love LE so much :p
I don't they can with a AppleTV 1
Thanks for the replies, the solution was to add the /storage/.. folders as "sources" in file manager, then I was able to copy files to them from the usb drive - the prize goes to Uatschitchun!
So the problem was just poor terminology, or, me not being adventurous enough to try all the menu options.
I also think it's not possible to go beyond Isengard for this Apple tv1 antique, only because I didn't find any guides about that on the kodi wikis.
I did try the context menu when /storage/music was listed (jjd-uk's suggestion), but I didn't get the "edit source" option.

In conclusion - case closed.
I had many problems to overcome with this installation, then found Kodi quite tricky to get used to, though it does have vast functionality for those tech savvy, or persevering, enough to master it.
This forum is a great resource for those, like me, needing support.
(2017-03-17, 16:08)jjd-uk Wrote: [ -> ]I don't they can with a AppleTV 1
Yes, chweitt stopped developing and osmc isn't running that nice