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Full Version: Resolution not switching to 2160 automatically
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Appreciate if you anyone can help me on this.
Running Kodi 17 in Android S905X Nexbox, the box set to 1080 / 60 hz and in kodi the player setting to "Adjust refresh rate" to "On Play / Stop "
When i play 4k content the TV resolution is not switching to 2160 rather stays at 1080p, but the codec info says its playing 2160 content.
I checked with sync playback to display and all video calibration settings but nothing helpful.

With the same setting in LE OS it works perfectly fine, the resolution automatically switches to 2160 in TV, am i missing something ? please advise.

Not supported on this android box.
on the same box, SPMC works switching resolution, is it issue with Kodi 17 ?
Nope. We don't support it.