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Full Version: Xonfluence
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Can anyone point me in the direction of guides for editing the xonfluence skin xmls, maybe some kind of reference to what changes what. I can manage to hide the 5 menu options so it shows just one at a time, I can change the size of the font, I can change the look of the homemenu bar by changing the textures.xbt ( i can only do this on 16.1 though, as the texture tool doesnt seem to work with 17 )

But I would like to be able do things like just make the focused menu option (eg videos large) then the rest of the menu items (pictures etc) smaller

I would also like to shorten the menu bar so it doesnt run the full length of the screen, I realise I can do this via the textures.xbt but with the menu bar being shorter it unhides the other menu options

are there any xonfluence guides on here that say where you can edit what part of the skin? like

home.xml line 124 = width of menu bar

includessubmenu xml line 200 = colour of subemenu background

I have had a look around the forum but can not find anything so if someone could point me to any kind of reference guide it would be appreciated

cheers Big Grin
Cheers guys