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Full Version: Movies format
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i am brand new to kodi, please be patient.

am going to hire someone to put all my dvd and blu-ray movies on my hard drive, but in what format, is conversion necessary.

sorry but now disabled and need help and can't find exact answer.

thank you.
Welcome. I've moved your thread to a more appropriate place.

As to your question, it will depend on a few things.

Firstly, how many movies are we talking about and how large is your hard drive? If you have limited space you will want to rip and compress. If you have terabytes upon terabytes of space you may just want to rip them 1:1 or to preserve quality.
I rip my collection onto it's original format. So a DVD is copied into Video_TS and Bluray into Stream\*.mt2s. They are all at original quality with no conversion and Kodi has no problem with that.

Others rip their good quality Blu-rays and reduce the quality of the copy (why, I don't know. Seems to defeat the purpose of buying a bluray). But, like Dangelus stated, depends how many disks, and how much space you have available which will sway your end decision. Though storage is pretty cheap these days.

Do you need to hire someone to do that? It is fairly simple to do, but time consuming. An easy program to use for ripping is DVDFab.
It also depends on whether you want the movies themselves, or all the trimmings. You can rip the main track to mkv, either "as is" or re-encoded as above. You can then also drop out audio tracks (e.g. the HD/7.1 stuff) and/or subtitles if you don't need them or are pushed for space.

In extremis, you'd rip the main video file only, compress RF20 (so perhaps 25-30% of the size with little to no noticeable loss of quality) in H.264, drop out the supplementary audio tracks and subs, and dump it all into an mkv file. However, you may choose to keep DVD in their native state (because they're small and SD already and don't have the extra stuff) while re-encoding BRs. Or you could re-encode to H.265/HEVC, which takes longer and needs more powerful hardware to play back, but is smaller.
thank you, need some clarification.

1. 1500 dvd and 400 blu-ray movies, approximately.
2. just had an 8tb fast drive installed, will purchase 2nd tb drive if needed.
3. i read 2 options, please verify.

1. straight copy from disc to hard drive and kodi can play as is for both dvd and blu-ray, yes or no.

2. rip dvd and blu-ray to get main move only

straight copy from dvd/blu-ray is easier and works


rip movies to save space, is this correct...

thank you, jerry
Well that is quite a collection. It certainly outshines mine.

I should have added further detail in my post, but Prof Yaffle picked up on the point anyway. You don't need to copy/rip the entire disk. Just take out what you need. So copy the Main Movie with the Audio Tracks and Subtitles that you want. Remove the disk menu system and all those Bonuses and Extras and you can save quite a bit of space. There are some movies on blu ray that come with PCM7.1, DTS-HD5.1, AC3-5.1 and AC3-2.0 audio tracks. You don't need all of these, I just keep the PCM or the DTS-HD. Maybe remove all the Foreign language audio tracks.

The words "copy" and "rip" can be used interchangeably. They both mean the same thing.

So if you decide you only want the main movie your options are...

1. Straight rip/copy from the DVD or Bluray preserving the original file formats (quickest method)
2. Re-encode to another format and apply a level of compression to save space. (takes longer)

Personally, I have spent a lot of $$$ setting up my cinema room and equipment, so I want my blurays to show in all their glory, so I don't compress. I use option 1 above. But if you have a small TV using only the speakers in the TV, then the full quality may be unnecessary for you. You just need to analyse your circumstances.

As a guide, I have approx 400 movies half of which are Bluray. I use just under 6TB of storage space. (not including TV Shows)

Hope that helps