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Full Version: My DIY HTPC Raspberry Pi case
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Hi all,

Here's my DIY case I built last year for my Raspberry Pi to use it with OSMC onboard. It's fully DIY, and if you want to read whole post about how it has been done, and see some work in progress pics along with couple more of finished thing, you can do it here: http://jurzysta.com/raspberry-pi-case/.
And now for the pictures:
Nice! Kind of a retro, clock-radio look. Any overheating problems?
Nope, all good. I'm using RPi 2 so no need for extra fans. The ventilation holes seem to be doing their job.
Nice, but makes the pi a lot bigger!
I like. Love seeing HD44780's being used. Anyone remember the LCD mods on old xboxes?
(2017-03-18, 06:42)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Nice, but makes the pi a lot bigger!

True. That said, the original concept was to put a hard disk inside the case too, but I dropped the idea altogether and rely fully on NAS. And I couldn't make the case lower, due to the sizing of the LCD. I may make a 1x16 or 1x20 at some point, then the case would be way lower, but here I was limited by the size of the components. Also, I had to squeeze in all the cables (couldn't go with custom lengths as I'm not that skilled in soldering).
Very nice build!
Looks Great!
Great custom job! I remember the days many years ago when I had an LCD display that made a music EQ animation on the front. Very cool
I like the retro look, thanks for sharing.
Wondering what you used as the "support"/elevation in the bottom of the case. Are those the magnets you mention in the article and used to close the case? If so, I wouldn't even guess. The overall case looks as professional as those amplifier cases.
ene92: you mean the things that look like this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Low-profile-40mm...1959467012
Very nice, love the combination of materials, looks great
That is an awesome case. I wish I has the skills, the time and the patience to make something like it.
Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
Nice job! I've been thinking about similar with my ODroid. Did you also put vent holes in the bottom?
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