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Full Version: Speed test for Kodi?
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I'd like to be able to do a speed test from my Fire TV / Kodi. Googling turns up talk of "download a zip file..." Not much I can do with a zip file on my PC. Isn't there something in a known repository, like how Kodi got installed?
I am not aware of a speed test addon. However there must be an android speedtest app?
(2017-03-18, 23:16)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]However there must be an android speedtest app?

There are many...
As well as apps that will test your networks speed. Did you know you can use Kodi to start an Android app?
Nougat is faster than Marshmallow and that is faster than Lollipop.

Marshmallows are tastier tho ! Wink
Bollocks @wrxtasy, nougat is da bomb.