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Full Version: How to login to Opensubtitles on Kodi?
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When i was using 16.0 and was using Opensubtitles i kept getting an error message that i needed
to get an Opensubtitles account. So, i got an Opensubtitles account but then i uograded to 17.0 and now i do not see where on Kodi i can log into myOpensubtitles account. How do i log into my Opensubtitles account on Kodi?

Also, is it secure to login to an account you use elsewhere on Kodi? It was not a secure connection when i registered for Kodi forums.
I think 16 and 17 OpenSubtitles work the same. You go to Addons > My Addons > Subtitles> Opensubtitles > Configure.

You will find a place there to enter your OpenSubtitles user name and password.