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Full Version: Lockdown
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Hi. I recently got myself a Pandopad Android tablet (version 5). I've installed Kodi on the machine and managed to get a nice clean look, using the xxx skin. My main goal is to have it as sort of an inflight entertainment device, where no customisation or changing of the interface is allowed.

Two things I'm trying to change:
1) the "back" function is currently controlled by a long rap on the screen (since the bottom interface toolbar for Android is hidden - the device only has soft buttons). Is there a way to create a button on the interface for back?

2) continuing from question 1, I could tell the user that tapping the icon in the top left gets them back a menu. However, if you do this when you have just opened a menu item it displays "View Options". Is there a way to disable the view options completely?

Thanks for your feedback. Vince
Sorry I am using the Eminence 2.0 skin. The xxx was incorrect.