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Full Version: Idea discussion for GSOC 17
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Greetings, I'm Prabhanshu Gupta from New Delhi, India. I'm a sophomore majoring in computer science and want to work on the browser add-on for kodi. I've
worked on Qt and C++/Python before and have been into developing fullstack web applications recently. Integrating a web browser into kodi definitely feels an exciting idea to me.

I've setup kodi and went through the discussions at:

(2017-03-13, 12:39)RockerC Wrote: [ -> ]231545 (thread)

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I wanted to get comfortable with the existing codebase before submitting a proposal for the project. I am having trouble setting up the existing project at https://github.com/AlwinEsch/web.browser.chromium since it doesn't have installation notes. Can someone please help me with setting it up and getting into the code?

Looking forward to making awesome gadgets!

Hi @prabhanshu,

nice to hear from you.

About the web browser is really a part who need to be continued. Had gone down because of the other things to bring in an binary add-on interface who have all needed parts for them.

Thought not that it take so long to bring them Rolleyes

There is a lot of things still to do, currently it can only be show a website and access with mouse pointers given from Kodi. Also is it a long time ago that it was updated to the current Kodi Version.

With the binary add-on interface is one of my main parts to discuss on DevCon to continue the web browser.

One bigger think where I see is to add also a chromium plugin to allow the use of Kodi's player instead of them from chromium.

Also I'm not sure to continue with CEF and maybe use Cobalt as Interface.
what is the current state of this project? Is there a brief guide how to build it?

What I've found so far:

- CEF binary
I can either download 64-bit Linux binary from https://github.com/kodi-web/cef-binary-packages/ or build it from https://github.com/kodi-web/cef/, right? But how do I build it, which branch do I use etc.?

- Kodi
It seems I need a modified Kodi from https://github.com/AlwinEsch/kodi/. The most recent branch seems to be "internet-addon-handler-cleanup".

- Web addon
Seems like the source of the binary addon is at https://github.com/AlwinEsch/web.browser.chromium/.

Is this all that is needed? Is this the most recent code?

Thank you.
hello @alwinus,

when is the final Version of KODI-CHROMIUM-WEBBROWSER-ADDON released?  can you please publish a beta pre-release Version?